welcome to 2Mission

211 E. Washington St.

(Phase – 1 Café Habana)

2mission design and development was able to secure an option on an existing restaurant and take advantage of fair rent in a growing retail section of Ann Arbor. Our local market knowledge and business relationships allowed us to negotiate a favorable purchase price and lease terms. Café Habana opened in October of 2007 and the new mojito bar in the lower level opened in December of 2007. We are experiencing very favorable reviews and great success in our first year!

Café Habana

205-207 E. Washington St.

(Phase-2 The Blue Tractor Brewing Company)

To capitalize on the success of Café Habana, 2mission design and development is planning an expansion and addition of a new concept. This building was purchased in 2007 at a fair price. We were able to work with our business partners in Ann Arbor to secure this property at a price that worked very well for our business model. The tenant was already secured at the time of purchase, and we have secured rents that create a favorable return on investment. The building will soon be home to The Blue Tractor Brewing Company, Ann Arbor! It is located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor and adjacent to Café Habana on E. Washington St. This street is quickly becoming a entertainment destination in Ann Arbor. There has been and continues to be a significant amount of redevelopment in this area and we believe that the addition of The Blue Tractor and Café Habana has helped bring even more energy to this beautiful part of Ann Arbor.

Café Habana