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110-112 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI

Responding to downtown Ann Arbor's impending growth while putting Ann Arbor's history, livability and community first, 2mission design and development creates a new paradigm for future real estate development and expansion in Ann Arbor.
The rehabilitation of 110-112 S. Main (Mayer Schairer Print Shop and Office Supply) poses many challenges. 2mission design and development is addressing those challenges head on, in a way that will benefit the community. 2mission was formed in January of this year with the acceleration of this development being its primary focus. The goals of the project include: preserving the historic fašade, adding a residential component, increasing the density of the site, incorporating a mixture of uses, and being environmentally sensitive.

Preserving one of Ann Arbor's Historic Treasures:
2mission design and development is in the process of registering110-112 S. Main on the Department of Interiors Registry of Historic Places. The classically inspired glazed brick and terracotta panels at levels 2 and 3 are being cleaned and re-sealed to restore it to the same beautiful condition it was in when constructed in 1906.

The storefront at level 1 will be reconstructed to the same level of detail and finish as the original. All of the windows are being preserved piece by piece to operate exactly as they did when they were first installed. 2mission is working hard to ensure that the newly restored historic fašade will enhance the beauty of the 100 block of Main Street. The texture of materials and the attention to detail and scale of the building will improve the architectural quality of the downtown and maintain a pedestrian friendly atmosphere.

110 Main St. facade, Ann Arbor Michigan

Increasing the Number of Downtown Residents:
The City of Ann Arbor had the forethought to submit a bold proposal to preserve more than 7,000 acres of farmland and open space in and around Ann Arbor using approximately $84 million in tax dollars. The voters of Ann Arbor passed the measure by a margin of 2-1. This sophisticated community understands that Ann Arbor offers a unique downtown environment, and continued sprawl will destroy the fabric of the community. Continued restoration and increased density downtown will benefit to the urban context.

The concentration of new development should occur in the city center. High density development in the urban core of Ann Arbor will bring the addition of grocery stores and many other utilitarian services that are needed to make Ann Arbor a great city. Other cities such as London, Copenhagen, Portland, as well as many communities in California have passed similar measures. These measures have resulted in reduced sprawl and more pedestrian friendly communities.

2mission believes that no contribution to the goal of increasing density is too small. And, by preserving our historic treasures while eliminating the type of sprawling development that damages our urban context; we are moving in the right direction. 110-112 S. Main Street is currently undergoing a complex transformation that will increase the density of the site by 75%.

Increasing Density in a Sensitive Way:
One may ask how we can preserve our historic treasures while increasing the density of our beautiful downtown? This can be achieved if the increased density is added in a sensitive way, stepped back from the street. The stepping of the new addition decreases the impact from the street. The scale of the street continues to have the same feel and look; but the increased density brings more people downtown. This density will continue to make the streets even more vibrant and provide people more places to live, dine, shop and work.

110 Main St., Ann Arbor Michigan

Adding Mixed Uses:
The importance of mixed use development cannot be overlooked. To reduce dependency on the automobile and decrease urban sprawl we need to develop communities where we can live, work, shop, and find entertainment all in the same area. This gives us the freedom to walk to our destinations and when mixed with the appropriate density, creates vibrant streets that are active at all times of the day. 110-112 S. Main Street is a true mixed use project. The lower level and ground level are being transformed into a wine bar, restaurant and wine retail shop. Levels 2 and 3 will become prime office space with entries from both Main Street and the alley behind. The 7,500 sf of office space has high ceilings, beautiful brick walls and a Main Street address. It is perfect for a company that wants to bring its headquarters to downtown Ann Arbor. The space also has the flexibility to be divided into a series of smaller offices. The upper floors will become residential with all parking provided on site.

Being Environmentally Sensitive: 2mission believes that all projects should include elements that reduce energy consumption. Some of the ways 2mission is working to reduce energy consumption include:

  • Open plan and high windows to maximize day lighting
  • Light sensors and motion detectors to minimize energy use
  • Task lighting to decrease overall lighting levels
  • Double pane windows with low-E glass to control energy use where possible
  • Thermostats on timers to reduce heating and cooling loads
  • Operable windows to maximize passive cooling
  • Light color roof to decrease solar gain and control energy use
  • Low water toilets to control water use
  • Space for bicycle parking to promote less automobile use
  • User guides for all occupants with references to all systems technology and data on system use. This helps inform building occupants and decreases energy use.
  • Use of renewable and recyclable materials.
2mission believes that each environmentally conscious decision can have a significant impact.

116-120 W. Washington St. Ann Arbor
(Grizzly Peak, Zola Cafe)

The historic redevelopment of former Old German Restaurant consisted of 21,000sf of mixed use redevelopment. 2mission was able to preserve the historic facade, and bring in 2 high rent commercial tenants into the space and 9 high end loft residential rental units. The historic building was purchased in 1994.

2mission achieved a significant increase in value by increasing the usable square footage and incorporating 11 complementary tenants into the building. Zola Cafe restaurant and bar, Grizzly Peak brewery and restaurant, and numerous small tenants. Historic tax credits were utilized on the development of the historic portion of the building to minimize cash investment and maximize the internal rate of return. Previous awards CAM Magazine 1996 Construction Project of The Year