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Jon Carlson, 2Mission Design Jon A. Carlson
Jon was one of the first developers to deliver New York-inspired lofts to Ann Arbor. Since his 1994 conversion of West Washington Street in Ann Arbor he has developed more than 150,000 sf of mixed-use property and transacted more than $45 million in real estate business.

All projects, to date, have been or are currently going through the approval process of The Department of Interiors Historic Designation. Jon is a Michigan native and he earned undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of Michigan.

Some of Jon's notable projects are mixed use developments including West Washinton St. (Grizzly Peak) in Ann Arbor, W. Front St. (North Peak) in Traverse City, and 5th and Main St. (Bastone, Cafe Habana, Vinotecca, and CINQ) in Royal Oak.

Greg Lobdell, 2Mission Design Gregory M. Lobdell
Greg is a native to Michigan. Greg earned an undergraduate degree in fine arts and a master's degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan as well as a master's degree in real-estate development from Columbia University in New York City.

Greg worked as a designer for Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz (KMD) in San Francisco. While at KMD Greg designed projects in South America, Central America, Asia, and North America. Collaborating with developers, government officials and other design professionals, Greg worked on projects that ranged in size from 60,000 square feet to 1.4 million square feet. His work constitutes a broad range of building types, including residential, office, entertainment retail, and health care. Some of Greg's notable design work includes Jain De Garden (mixed-use), Shang Hai, China, Sun Microsystems (corporate campus), Dublin, California, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratories, Oakland California, San Luis Obispo Government Center, and Rede Globo Competition, Sao Paulo Brazil. Greg's experience working on a broad width of Architecture and Real Estate Development projects gives him a unique ability to add value to the 2mission team.